Quarter 4 Project: Social Studies

Famous Chicagoan Wax Museum

Background information: This year in Social Studies we have been studying all things Chicago. Each quarter has had a primary area of focus:

  1. The early history of Chicago

  2. Its development from a town of 350 people to its growth as a major city

  3. The connection between Chicago’s history and the Chicago of today

  4. Comparing Chicago and other national cities


The purpose of this project is to give students the opportunity to learn about a famous Chicagoan (either past or present) and discover his/her impact on the city. The project will have 2 parts, a research report and a performance in the “wax museum”. We have provided a list of famous Chicagoans to choose from, but please feel free to think of your own as well. A form was passed out where students will pick their top 3 choices. We will assign names based on availability and when they are turned in. Please submit your top 3 choices for the teacher’s approval by April 25th. Approval notices will go home on April 27th. Researched notes and information will be due on/before May 11th. Final copies of the Quarter Project research report will be due May 23rd. Note-cards outlining the speech will be due May 30th. Finally, the Wax Museum will be on June 7th (parents and family members welcome!) No late papers or extensions will be granted.

  • Project Description 
    This document gives an overview of the project assignment

  • Project Rubric 
    A rubric for the research paper and wax museum presentation are provided.

  • Suggested List of Famous Chicagoans 
    This list provides different examples of famous Chicagoans.

  • Selection Form 
    Your child will fill out this form, choosing the top 3 famous Chicagoans they are most interested in. Students/parents will also need to sign this sheet after final selections have been assigned.

  • Research Planning Pages 
    Students will use this form to research and take notes, using the guiding questions provided for each paragraph of their report.


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