Quarter 3 Project: Literacy

"My Rock Tells a Story"

Digital Storybook


For the Quarter 3 Project, your child will be creating a digital storybook, writing and telling a story from the perspective a rock. As a rock, he/she will describe their properties, what they're made of, the type of rock they are, and explain in detail how they were formed. The digital story will be both creative and informative, including factual information relating to their rock’s journey told in narrative form. 


For the first part of their project, each student will choose a rock (not mineral) of their choice as the focus of this paper. Their entire story will be written from this rock’s perspective. They will need to complete the “Rock Research & Information page” including information about their rock. Your child must use at least 4 sources. Part 1 of this project is due on Tuesday, March 6th.  

For the second part if this project each student will create a series of planning pages for their story. The planning pages are simply a rough draft of their final digital story. It is important for your child to remember to include important information about their rock, but be creative well! Each of their pages should be a minimum of 5 sentences. Part 2 of this project is due on Tuesday, March 20th.

Finally, for the third part of this project, your child will be creating a PowerPoint of their story. They will use their planning pages they've already created to do so. We will make their first page in class together on Monday, March 9th, so they are aware of expectations and understand how to make their PowerPoint. Part 3 of this project is due Thursday, April 5th.  *** Please make sure your child's PowerPoint is saved on their flash-drive! We also ask that they turn in a printed version on this day. The printed version does NOT have to be in color; it can be printed in the layout where there are 4 slides on each page! 

In class, we will upload your child's PowerPoint into the digital storytelling program voicethread.com, and record their voice actually telling their story!


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