Quarter 2 Project: Science

You are going to take on an engineering challenge, and experience toy engineering firsthand! You will work with various materials and need to use your imagination plus science knowledge to design and build toys with moving parts. That means you need to apply your scientific knowledge of electrical circuits and energy to your toy design. Think of toys you have seen that can move on their own. All of those toys are built with electric circuits.  Your toys may also incorporate motors.  It is up to you to decide how to use that spinning motor as part of your toy. You may choose to design a car, or a robot, or even an electric game board… it’s up to you!  Be creative!  The only requirement is that your toy includes an electrical circuit- this can be a light, a motor, or anything showing the transfer of energy.  

You will use the engineering process throughout the project. 

  • Part 1: You will imagine your final design.  You will sketch a detailed drawing, write a brief description, and turn in a list of materials you plan to use for your project.  DUE DATE: 12/5

  • Part 2: You will build your project.  As you build, you will come across challenges.  As an engineer, you need to find solutions to these challenges.  You will turn in written paragraph explaining the challenges you faced and how you were able to solve the problem or move your project forward.  DUE DATE: 1/9

  • Part 3: You will present your toy to the world (Skinner North families) at Science Night in January. Along with your final design, you will write a reflection detailing your experience as a toy engineer.  Include a photograph or drawing of your toy at the top of your reflection.  DUE DATE:  1/23

Your final reflection should include the following:

  • Paragraph 1:  Describe your toy and explain how you came up with the idea for your toy.  What inspired you?  What is unique about your toy?  Why will children love to play with your toy? 

  • Paragraph 2:  Explain the building process.  How did you build your toy?  What challenges did you face and how did you come up with solutions to these challenges?  (You may copy and paste the paragraph from Checkpoint #2!) What was the most difficult part of your experience?

  • Paragraph 3: Explain how your toy moves.  Using your science background knowledge and what you learned in our Energy unit, explain the flow of the electric current in your toy.  Use science vocabulary from your Science Notebook!



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