Unit 4: Chicago and Other National Cities

In this final unit of the year, students will first view Chicago in respect to other major U.S. cities (such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and San Francisco). Next, students will assess Chicago in comparison to international cities (e.g., London, Tokyo, Sydney, Cairo, South Africa, Montreal, Moscow, Beijing, and Rio de Janeiro). Features for comparison for both U.S. and international cities include historic interests, geographical boundaries, business and industry, culture and environment, and political systems.


Lessons, activities, and explorations will be created around the following guiding questions:

  • What features of Chicago make it unique among other major U.S. and world-wide cities?  

  • What features of Chicago are similar to other major cities in the world?

  • How is Chicago's history like and different from the history of other major U.S. cities?


Academic vocabulary that can be found in this unit are the following: border, business, capital, economy, ethic, global, government, nation, physical map, plan, primary source, progress, region, relative location, route, state, trade, transportation, world

  • U.S. City Websites: Use the the tabs at the bottom to choose to the U.S. city you are researching. You will find websites that provide general information along with more specific topics about your city!

  • City Town Info Page 


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