Unit 3: Chicago Today

In this unit, students will be able to make connections between Chicago's history and the Chicago of today. They will be able to define and describe Chicago through its various communities and people, businesses, services, politics, landmarks, arts, and entertainment.


During Unit 3, students will ...


  • Investigate and write about the various ways Chicago meets the needs of its citizens.

  • Explain how Chicago's government is organized.

  • Describe the roles of Chicago's mayor, city council, and other local officials. 

  • Identify the features of Chicago that make it a culturally diverse city.

  • Compare and contrasts the various cultures of Chicago. 

  • Identify and describe famous landmarks in Chicago.


Guiding Questions for this unit include: 


  • What does Chicago look like today?

  • How to Chicago's neighborhoods reflect the history of the city?

  • How does Chicago take care of its citizens?

  • In what ways have Chicago become a leading cultural and entertainment center?

  • What are some of the businesses that have helped define Chicago as a city?

Here is a list of important academic vocabulary for this unit: cause, citizenship, city council, civic, consumer, democracy, economy, effect, election, goods, law, leader, majority, minority, natural resources, resources, responsibility, services  


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