Unit 2: How Chicago Came to Be

During this quarter, students will trace Chicago's development from its earliest development as a town of 350 people to its growth as a major city. The unit emphasizes the origins of the city, the city's changing design, and the people and industries that have sustained the city. Students will determine the importance of various historical, social, and economic events that were instrumental in Chicago's growth and development. 


The following are the guiding questions of the unit:


  1. What factors contributed to Chicago's GROWTH as a city?

  2. What were some problems that Chicago faced in its early GROWTH?

  3. How did historical events help to shape Chicago's GROWTH as a major economic and cultural center?

  4. How has Chicago's geographic features changed over time?

  5. How was Chicago's location key to its future GROWTH?

The following terms are important academic vocabulary that will be used throughout the unit: border, business, change, choice, environment, growth, immigration, industry, landforms, landmark, migration, natural resources, physical map, population, transportation 


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