Links and Resources

Vocabulary Sites


  1. Merriam-Webster Word Central: This site is very kid-friendly and informative! Using the dictionary tool, students can find definitions to words. This site also includes an online thesaurus to help students find synonyms! 

  2. Online Thesaurus: This site contains an online thesaurus specifically made for kids.


Keyboarding Sites

  1. Dance Mat Typing: This site is full of lessons and games that teach you all the letters on the keyboard. It is a great place to start!

  2. Free Typing Lessons: This site is full of lessons for the keyboard. You can pick specific letters to practice. You can also work on different speeds of typing so you can do it all the way through at one speed and then complete it again at a different speed.

  3. Spider Typer: This game helps you to practice typing individual letters as quickly as you can.

  4. Bubbles Typing: This game helps you to work on individual letter speed.

Research Sites


  1. Fact Monster:  A great site to research any type of information! A few specific areas on the site include: Math, Science, People, United States, Word Wise, and Sports. Use the search bar to type in any subject of your choice.  

  2. Quintura: Here you will find lots of information on a wide variety of topics. Click on "quick tour" to learn how to navigate through this website.  

  3. Kids Click: This is a great website designed for kids by ... librarians! You can either quick search, category search, or keyword search to find information.  

  4. Kids Net: This site was specifically created for kids! Click either the dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia headings, depending on what you need to research or learn!


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