Ms. Shakespeare's Classroom Homework

January 13th

  • Math: Study for Test tomorrow

  • Reading:  Read for your 40BC, "Slower Than the Rest" theme statement and evidence in ELT packet (due tomorrow)

  • Writing:  WGN Forecaster blurb due tomorrow (optional)

  • Science: 

  • Social Studies: Causes of Chicago Fire (due tomorrow)

  • Important Info:  Friday Folder went home today, go over math work before the test!  Return tomorrow


January 14th

  • Math: No Homework tonight

  • Reading: Read for your 40 BC, 5th Response due Thursday

  • Writing:  

  • Science: 

  • Social Studies: "Effects" of the Chicago Fire (Chapter 9 & graphic organizer Right side)

  • Important Info: Lip Sync battle forms due Friday and Winter All Stars forms due Friday


January 15th

  • Math: Homelink 4.1 (put your name on ALL of the Unit 4 Home Links)

  • Reading: 40BC Response due tomorrow, make sure you've updated your reading list AND posted your response with a category.  Responses will  NOT be able to be redone for additional credit.  This should be your best work.  

  • Science: 

  • Social Studies: 10 pages of your ABC book due Friday

  • Important info: All Stars forms and Lip Sync Battle forms due Friday


January 16th

  • Math:  Home Link 4.2

  • Reading:  Read for your 40BC, Study for your test tomorrow (BRING ELT HOME!) 

  • Writing: 

  • Science: 

  • Social Studies: 10 pages for your ABC book DUE TOMORROW- take home your book and pages if necessary. 

  • Important Info:  Lip Sync and All Star Forms due tomorrow


January 17th

  • Reading: Work on 40BC

  • Math: Make sure Freckle Assignments are finished, Decimal Riddle due Tuesday if you didn't finish in class

  • Writing: Rough Draft of Realistic Fiction story due Tuesday, bring home notebook to share with a parent (it should be completely written out in your writing notebook)

  • Science: 

  • Social Studies: 

  • Important Info: Friday Folders- return Monday, go over work in your folder with a parent!


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